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1001bookmakers Sports betting guide – Best free bets and best odds

football-bookmakersSports betting is quite simply to put money on the outcome of a sporting fixture or event. Anybody over the age of 18 is entitled to place a bet. Traditionally, it was a popular form of betting for horse racing and american baseball. In the modern electronic age of betting, there are more things a person can bet on, with common choices in football, boxing and many other sports.

There are many different types of betting but it is based predominantly around odds. Each participant of a sporting event will be given odds which show the punter the return they will get should they successfully bet upon that participant. The lower the odds, the more likely they are believed to win and therefore the less money you will earn from it.

The types of bet available to the punter varies depending on the sport. For example, in football you may have the opportunity to bet not just on the winner but on who you believe will score the goals, different possible events and outcomes and the half time/full time possibilities, for example. A very popular type of betting is live betting which deals with the event as it happens therefore opening different opportunities for betting up to the punter.

Of course, there are many competing bookmakers in existence to deal with the highly competitive nature of sports betting. While all will often try to encapsulate the atmosphere of the biggest sporting events, there are often some which grow in popularity at these times.

Paddy Power Sport is one of the most prolific examples of a popular bookmaker whose presence is felt greater during certain events. Ireland’s number one preferential bookmaker offers a trustworthy service to punters, most prolifically during Cheltenham’s Gold Cup which is particularly popular with Irish punters. Paddy Power has an impressive number of betting opportunities available, even delving into the world of Poker and other more allusive sporting events.

Ladbrokes is one of the most reputable betting shops of its age. It is often pitted as a leader in the betting industry worldwide with its secure services favourable by many punters. Notable for its astounding knowledge of all betting principles, Ladbrokes has a foothold in many other countries. Offering betting opportunities on a wide range of sporting endeavours to the most exclusive, it is a very popular choice for many who delve into the betting industry regularly.

Voted by 1001 Bookmakers as the top bookmakers, Bet365 is one of the most comprehensive of betting companies, and arguably the leading company. With an incredibly prolific reputation, Bet365, like the others before, offers an array of betting opportunities.

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