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Bingo News Join Foxy Bingo’s Champagne Party

October is on its way out but the new month will begin and if you’ve got an account with 77Jackpot, the transition from one month to the other is worth celebrating.

Bingo represents just the tip of the iceberg but many more games are awaiting those who are ready to take a leap of faith with a genre they are not necessarily familiar with.

The festivities have started the beginning of the week and will conclude on Sunday, so they still plenty of time to jump on the bandwagon if you’re not already on board.

default-imgThe champagne party last for an entire week and all those who make a real money deposit qualify for a string of generous prizes. Both bingo and casino games will be eligible for meeting the wagering requirements, so you don’t actually need to make any compromises.

Foxy Bingo genuinely hopes that players will not hesitate to try something new, but if they are hell-bent on playing the games they are familiar with, they can do it without losing anything in the process.

Anyone can be a winner with this promotion and both existing and prospective customers can participate, with no restrictions whatsoever. Keep in mind that deposits made prior to Friday,

October 23 don’t qualify for this offer, so you might have to reload your account. Real money players are the only ones that can hope to collect paychecks, with those wagering virtual currency being kept out of the loop but they still enjoy unrestricted access to all the bingo games and slot machines.

You can play them on mobile devices as well as desktop computers and still qualify for bonuses, but the trick is to stay active and play on a daily basis.


You will have the surprise of noticing that once you play a particular game, it won’t come up until the next day, so you should try something different instead.

Those who are lucky enough as to collect prizes, will receive them at the end of the promotional period and the entire amount are credited automatically.

Participants don’t need to use bonus code or interact with the guys that customer support to receive the money are entitled to. Instead, players have all the time in the world to enjoy themselves and gamble from the comfort of their home while enjoying all the perks of the social game of bingo.

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