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The ATP Race to London ends with finalists decided

The winning of studies had to fight until the very last day to secure a place at the WTA ATP-Finalsfinals, but we already know the name of the eight finalists in the ATP Race to London.

Novak Djokovic sits at the top of the list with almost twice as many points as the runner-up Andy Murray.

The Scotsman will join him with nearly 8000 points, followed closely by Roger Federer who recently emerged victorious in the Basel tournament. Stan Wawrinka suffered an early elimination, but he sits in the fourth place nevertheless.


Two players from Spain will also participate in the last important tournament of the year, with Rafael Nadal qualifying from the fifth place. He failed to win the tournament and bowed out of the competition against the local favorite, but he still has plenty of points. David Ferrer on the other hand had to work hard to ensure participation in this key event and he barely made it.

At the bottom of the tables, the Spaniard is tied with Japan’s Kei Nishikori as both of them have 3945 points, enough to guarantee a place at the table.

The last couple of years were a roller coaster for several tennis players and among those who will be playing in London next week is Tomas Berdych. He earned the necessary points last week in Stockholm where he won the second tournament of 2015 and he now waits to see who will be playing against.

This year, we won’t have any player from France playing in the tournament of champions, as both Gasquet and Tsonga finished outside the top eight. They were not good enough to win the tournament in Basel and with less than 2700 points, they won’t be a part of the festive occasion.

John is never was the only player from the United States close enough to challenge the leading pack, but he finished in the 13th place and he will have to wait for next year.

Most of the players qualified for ATP Race to London decided not to play this week in Paris, despite the fact that the local tournament is of extraordinary magnitude.

1000 ATP points are up for grabs and a lot of money, but at the end of the day it is more important to stay fit for the championship series and make a deep run in London.


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